Thursday, March 1, 2012


Lic? Funny title to a post huh?
It's short  for Little Industrial Cart

I found it during my lunch break today at the ReStore.
I walked past it once, then again, then one more time.
Then I lifted up the little sides to make the tabletop larger. Then I glanced at the blueish patina. Then I looked over the adorable little casters. Then I saw the price tag. ($10) Then I smiled. Then I finished walking throught the store while thinking about LIC the whole time, worrying that someone else spied it, and was taking it up to the check out.

So I ran, skipped, shuffled, , walked briskly, back to LIC snatched it up, and checked out.

Now, what to do with it?
Should I use it in the playroom as a portable desk?
Use it as a snack tray for meals on the go?
Use it for surfing the web on the laptop?
Put it in my Etsy Shop when I open it this weekend?
Take it to the local consignment store and see how much it sells for?

So many decisions..what would you do?

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