Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thrifting Jackpot!

I hit the thrifting/yard sale Jackpot recently.

Look at these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G treasures that I scored!!!

When I mean A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I mean like birds chirpping, and Choirs singing, and rays of sunshine shining down on me!!

First, I got this, at the Good old Goodwill...
this is the actual picture from the BALLARD Designs catalog, my photo was too dark, and I couldn't wait to write this post,
Ballard Price $49

I actually got the Fleur-de-lis pattern, but I couldn't pull it up on the website.

2-Pocket Embossed Organizer

photo credit here

My Price from Goodwill $8.00!!!!

My biggest "deal" to date.....remember this post from last week??

I was looking for a chair for E's desk, and I wanted something similiar to this
from Pottery Barn, $199

Carolina Swivel Chair

Well..... guess what I stumbled upon at the Goodwill....
 it is dark blue, and in PERFECT condition...

Ask and ye shall receive!!

I picked it up, and turned it over, hoping to see a brand name printed on the wood
...but I found something BETTER..
I found the actual Pottery Barn Price Tag still attached to the bottom of the seat!!
My price..are you ready for this....... 

I also purchased this Pennsylvania Dutch  "HEX" sign from GW for $3.00

Double Trinity Tulips

The stylized tulip with its three petals is a dominate feature in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. It is referred to as the Trinity Tulip and it symbolizes the Trinity as well as faith, hope and charity. The heart in this sign (as well as other Pennsylvania German folk art) is not the heart of sentimental "Victorian" valentines. Rather, it is religious in its representation of the heart of God, the source of all love and hope for a future life. The colors in this heart are used to give them additional meaning. Red symbolizes strong emotion and blue is used to indicate strength, especially spiritual strength. The white background symbolizes purity and the solid black circle represents unity in Christ.

The following items were purchased within the last two weeks while I went "yard saleing" with my mom

I just fell in love with this wooden barrel, currently it's sitting next to the Pellet stove,
 and is storing Hot Wheels Race Tracks, I paid $5

And this is another A-M-A-Z-I-N-G find while yard saleing with my mom..

Remember this post, again??

PB Found Soda Crates
$24 Each

I love old boxes, and really wanted one or two of these old Soda crates
 (above are from Pottery Barn)
I see them in antique stores all of the time, and I know that they are collectable,
I prefer COKE instead of Pepsi, look what I bought!!!

I love them!!

The man pulled one box out of the garage along with the bottles as I was standing in his driveway.
I asked what he wanted for the crate, as I really didn't want the bottles,
 and he said, Oh, I have another one in the garage, how about $2!!

I of course couldn't say YES fast enough!
Then I said , "Well, how much do you want for the one With the bottles?"
He said $3!!!!!

Needless to say, I got both wooden boxes and 6 empty 32 oz bottles for $5!!

The boxes are from 1971 and 1973, the dates are printed on the inside from a bottler in TN!
Some of the bottles are older then others, as some have bar codes printed on them!
I love them all!!

Great DEALS huh???

Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspiration Becoming Reality

I love Magazines! Esp. Decorating Magazines, and Catalogs.

But, I just don't have the room to keep all of them, or the finances to pay for all of the "pretty things."

I made a STYLE binder, where I have clippings and pictures organized
 (or just thrown in there with hopes to be organized one day)
 of design ideas, furniture, accessories, Holiday decor, etc.
If I had the space, I'd keep all of my magazines, but the truth is, I have a small home with limited storage.

The only catalogs/magazines that I do not part with are Christmas issues. I think that I have Pottery Barn catalogs from the late 90's!

I was looking through my binder recently, and pulled out a couple of items that I really want. I've been on a mission to find similiar items at reasonable prices.

For the Basement-
PB Found Tennis Racket

For the Family Room-
PB Found Soda Crates

For the Dining Room-
Temple Boxes
Crate and Barrel Temple Boxes $69.99 and Up
(No longer available)

For E's Bedroom/Desk-
Carolina Swivel Chair

I've been pretty successful so far... Wait until you see what I've come up with!!!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lucketts Spring Market 2011

On Saturday, my girlfriend Karen and I drove to Leesburg, VA to attend the Lucketts Spring Market.

It took us 1-1/2 hours to get there, and honestly, the conversation, and fact that it was just us two girls out on a Saturday was sooo relaxing and enjoyable, that the trip seemed a lot shorter.

As we drove into Leesburg, and sat in the single lane traffic, as it was creeping towards the Lucketts store, we were both excited to see the huge field of vendors to our left, along with a line of people waiting to get in the gate. It was only 9:30, and a huge line had already formed.

We parked in a muddy farm field, in a specific area that police directed us to, and we were off towards the entrance gates! (And spot-a-pots!!)1-1/2 hours in the car and an entire bottle of water doesn't sit well on my bladder!!

When we got up to the entrance area, there were a few vendors set up, which was a prime location on their part! They were the first booths that you saw when coming, and the last booths that you saw when leaving!

The entrance area was soo charming. A little wooden booth planked by two displays of "glass houses" with sandy bottoms, seashells, and hurricanne vases with water and live fish swimming around! Why I didn't take a picture of that stumps me, it was very "BEACHY"

Then, into the market area...

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, but it wasn't scorching hot, the birds were chirpping, and there were live musicians performing all day. It was a great atmosphere!

We started to the right of the entrance, since that's where the banos were located. And I know that this may sound silly, but these were best "portable banos" They were clean, and there were little notes on the insides of the doors, like "Today is a Great Day" and "Are you going to be embarassed when you walk out of this stall?" (Funny) And, there was a table set up outside of the banos with wipes, lotion, soap, Antibacterial hand cleaner, and FRESH flowers in a vase! (There were also portable sinks)
I just had to tell you about the bathroom set up because it is just one of those "special touches" that made this event so "girlie" and "women friendly" It was an appreciated gesture!

So..on with the pictures....

The Design House was our first stop! It was wall to wall Beautifulness.

These are a few pieces that I loved! (And Itook pictures for inspiration)

Then out into the Garden of the Design House

This table was soo pretty, it was a pale blue with glaze on the details!!

Here are a few more from a few vendors!

There was sooo much EYE CANDY!! And, we arrived at 10:30, gates opened at 10, and I could not believe how many large pieces/furniture items had been sold by noon. It seemed like evey piece of furniture that I was interested in  had a S-O-L-D tag hanging from it!

We both bought a couple of items, me- a set of Croquet mallets, and balls for my Rec room, a vintage, Metal Letter E for E's collection, and a really cute vintage wire storage basket.
Karen purchased some accessories for her bedroom, items for her upcoming wedding, and a Beautiful Green
 Ribbon Sun Hat! (I shoulda bought it, I saw it first!!)

We have decided to make this an Annual Trip,
and may even bring our moms along next year(or maybe not!!)
 for a Day of Girl bonding and Shopping!!

Lessons Learned/Strategies for Next Year

1) Just because it is overcast does not mean that you can't get Sunburn.
(We got FRIED!) Bring sunblock and apply it ofter there is not a lot of shade!
Or, wear a tank top so that you don't end up with a Farmer's Tan! (uggh)

2) CASH!!! Most vendors only accept cash payments.
(Thanks Lucketts Blog for that heads up!)

3) Sticker Price is not always the Price
Don't be afraid to ask a vendor if the listed price is the best that they can do,
 I saved $20 just by asking if the vendor would make me a deal!

4) Take Pictures of Inspiration Pieces.
I mentioned to a vendor that I wasn't sure if people liked me taking pictures,
but she said that she welcomed people to photograph her items.
She was flattered, and she also said that we all can learn from one another's projects!

5) If you see something that you really like, BUY it!! If you don't someone else will

6) Visit the Design House, the Lucketts Store and the Polka Dot Store by Lucketts, AFTER you have visited all of the vendors. The stores accepted credit cards, and had Airconditioning!!

You can check out more pictuers at the Lucketts Blog!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

File Find-Design Help Needed

My husband called me at work moments ago, about a "find" that he knew that I just "had to have!"

He was visiting our local Goodwill when he stumbled across this "letter/file thing with lots of drawers"

That was his exact terminology for the item.

So, he sent me a picture.
(where would be be without cell phones, the ability to text/send/receive/messages and photos at any given time?), and I said....I love it!

Then I said, How much is it?

$10 bucks, and it's in excellent shape!

Great, get it, but the question now is...

What am I gonna do with it??

Any ideas??

I will definately paint it...but what color?

Maybe use some card stock on a drawer or two? Or fabric?

I love the pulls,or do I?
Should I keep them, or change them out?

And, in the end, what use will this have?
Should I use it to organize pictures by month?
Or store the Masterpieces of a 7 year old ART-TEES- T?
Or store paid bills?

Wanna see it??

Here ya go...

Measurements are approx.11"W x 23-1/4"H x 16"D

Please share your ideas with me....oh, and any examples that you may find..


Monday, May 16, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Don't you feel like you should be wearing a flared skirt, and spinning in a field of flowers, while singing the infamous song sang by Julie Andrews?? 
You're welcome for the earworm!

I'm soo looking forward to the weekend, yes it's only Monday,and they are calling for severe thunderstorms every day this week, and traffic is sure to be horrendus, but a girl needs something to look forward to right?

There are lots of plans for the weekend..

#1 Saturday and Sunday, The Lucketts Spring Market 
($7pp per day)

Oh.....My!!!! I am so excited for this!!

It's in Leesburg, Virginia, and is basically a Huge Craft show!! But it's a lot of re-salvaged items, cottage style, vintage items, collectables, home decor and furniture!

Here are some pictures, directly from the Lucketts website of some of last year's goodies:


#2 Saturday PREAKNESS 
(Prices Vary)

The infield party should be wild and crazy....this year's sales pitch is: "The people's race- The People's Party", and their mascot is: Kegasus

There are great musicians playing including: Bruno Mars (love him), Train (Hey soul sister) and Phil Vassar.

OH, and a horse race will take place!

I'm past the whole hanging out in a wet and muddy field drinking beer and overpriced wine, with wall to wall people, who by race time are so drunk that they are passing out and throwing up on one another, so instead, I'll be enjoying the race with the company of  friends at one of the neighbors houses at their
annual Preakness Party!

We'll be drinking Black Eyed Susans

And grilling, and singing, and dancing in the streets, all until the wee hours of the morning, or when we decide that we've had enough, and then we just walk home!!

#3) Saturday and Sunday

This is a wonderful experience for all Americans to take part in.(If you are in the Maryland, PA,NJ, DC, or Virginia, area, I suggest that you attend this event at least once in your life! 

It's the Andrews Airforce Base Annual Airshow.

The Golden Knights Paratroopers, Thunderbird Jets, and various other Military Aircraft perform live for crowds of thousands.

You are able to climb inside of F-22 fighter jets, tanks, and Helicopters.

It is a little boy's dream!!!! I've been attending since I was a kid, and honestly, it never gets old.

There is such a sense of American pride!!

I am Really looking forward to the weekend!!



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Management- An Apology of sorts

I had an Epiphany recently!

I was reading one of my favorite Mom Blogs,  Mommy Mellen's Musings, and it encapsulated, many of my recent personal thoughts about time management and friendships.

Let me start by saying that working a full time job outside of the home and being a mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, niece, sister, sister-in-law, co-worker, friend, baseball/soccer/basketball/bowling mom, PTA member,  and neighbor, is no easy task. I love each of these titles, but it's hard sometimes to equally distribute the proper amount of time to each of these roles.

Believe it or not, I actually like working outside of the house. It keeps my mind stimulated. I get to meet interesting people whom I may have never crossed paths with, and I get to learn from very educated, and some very not-so-educated people. I get to be a part of a team of professionals.I like having a schedule.

Believe it or not, I actually dislike working outside of the house. I hate having to get up every morning, not knowing how long my commute to work will be(today it took me 2 hours to get to work due to traffic), I hate missing parties at school and being able to be "room mom." I hate not being able to go on Every field trip, or volunteering in the classroom. I hate not being able to "do brunch" in the middle of the week with my girlfriends, or get a "pedi" at 3 o clock in the afternoon on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
 (Just sayin')

And when you invite me to join you at an event, or function,  or day trip to NYC, or to dinner, or your house, and I say "Sorry, I need to pass this time..." It's not because I don't love you, or don't want to spend time with you, it just that sometimes it's ok to say "NO" Because, it might be a night that my family and I are able to sit down to dinner at a reasonable time, and talk to each other, and take a walk together. Or I might get to sit on the front porch by myself and enjoy a magazine and a glass of wine, ALONE. Or I might decide to do one of the six baskets of dirty laundry that has taken over the laundry room and make sure that E doesn't show up to Baseball in a dirty uniform because I was out all day doing something else, or actually fold one of the four baskets of clean laundry that has been sitting in the family room for a week. Or clean off the huge pile of mail and paperwork that has multiplied on the kitchen counter. Or it might be a day that I get to spend snuggling on the sofa watching Sponge Bob or Star Wars (for the hundredth time), and reading books, playing with Legos, and Matchbox cars.

I love my"Inner circle" and my girlfriends, but when you work a full time job, and have a husband that works shift work and a part time job, and you are in the car traveling to and from work every day (an hour each way sometimes, and you get a call on the way home to stop at Target to pick up supplies for the school project for your 7 year old that you forgot about, or get groceries or fast food on your way home so that you can enjoy dinner with your family possibly 3 nights a week, because sports are taking up the other nights, and weekends are consumed with things like yard work, or cleaning, or running errands,) it's difficult to say "yes" to every invite. But just because I said "no" to the last five things, doesn't mean that I'm going to say "no" to the next five.

My request is to be patient and understanding with me, and my family schedule

And read this apology from Mary Ellen, from Mommy Mellen's Musings, it sums it all up for  me as well...

"I’d like to apologize to these people. I’m sorry, Inner Circle, for spreading myself too thin. I’m sorry for not being able to say no. I’m sorry that I feel so compelled to be all things to all people that sometimes those who really matter and deserve the most love and attention get pushed under the rug because I know they will understand. I’m sorry that in the same moment I think about connecting with you, I remember that there has been a load of laundry in my washer for two days that probably really stinks. I’m sorry that as I look at my calendar to make plans, I realize I haven’t had a single weekend where I just stay home and spend time with my husband and children in months. I’m letting you down, and I don’t know how to stop."

"Do I want to raise two (ONE in my case) children, work full time, be very involved in my mom’s group, spend quality time with my friends, exercise, go to church, write blog posts, troll the Internet for writing opportunities, involve my children in age appropriate activities, have date nights with my husband, plan parties, attend family events, travel, and see movies? YES! Yes, I do. Is it physically possible to keep up all of these things, REALLY keep them up and devote myself to them, and still be standing? No, it’s not. Sometimes, something has to give. As much as I want to master this giant juggling game, there just isn’t enough time or enough energy to give myself fully to each area. I’m tired. I don’t spend enough time with my husband."


Monday, May 9, 2011

Rite Aid 5/7

I ran out of the house at 8pm on Saturday night, 
(with a migraine) for a trip to RA.

I was going through my +Ups and realized that my $10 +Up from the Cleaning supplies expired on 5/7.

I was really stressing about this trip, because I expected all of the items that were on sale to be out of stock, and I expected the Mean Coupon Nazi to be working.
(I had a very bad customer service visit on my last trip to this RA, with a very rude cashier who did not like the fact that I was using coupons)

But, I put on my big girl panties, 
cause I wasn't about to give up $10 in Freebies!!

And let me just say, that I had a GREAT experience. 
The cashier was A-M-A-Z-i-N-G.
He was soooo nice, and he loved that I was getting 
such great deals!!
I have surveys to enter, 
and you better believe that he is going to get lots of praise!!

Here's my  bounty!

My actual out of pocket was $3.46, and I earned  $7 in +Ups, so I got paid $3.54, and all of these items, to shop at RA!!

The really good deals were on the 
Tylenol Precise and the Excedrin Migraine.
The Tylenol Precise was already signed for Sundays sale of $5, so they gave me the price, and I used a $5 off coupon, from the Tylenol Precise Website making it FREE.
The Excedrin was on sale for $1.99 each, and I had 2 $2/1 coupons that I got from my Doctors waiting room! 
So both bottles were FREE.

There were some benefits to 
shopping late on a Saturday night-

1) The store was a ghost town

2) The employees had the signs up for all of Sundays sales, so if I wanted to, I could have had a head start to Sunday's deals

3) All of the signs for the current weeks ad were down. So, I was smart and actually had the items that I was purchasing clipped from the sales paper with the coupons that I was using for each item. 

4) I did need help distinguishing which toothpaste was on sale, because it was certain flavors, at certain sizes. 
The clerk helped me by scanning the items, and he mentioned how nice it was that I was so organized!

5) I was in and out within 30 minutes!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Linky Party

I'm not really sure if I'm doing this correct or not..probably not...but

I joined a few Linky Parties!

Check out these other Blogs for inspirational posts:


Design it Chic

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buttermilk Bananna Bread

Thank You Shelley at House of Smiths for this amazing Buttermilk Bananna Bread Recipe.

It in fact, is very good, and so far, 5 out of the six people that I  gave "samples" to are in agreement.
(The sixth person has not yet given me his feedback, Craig!!)

Here is a printable of the recipe, so feel free to make a copy. (Again, thanks Shelley)

Directions, and ingredients are above.

I'll share a couple of my pictures, just to prove that I did actually make these myself!!

Wet and Dry ingredients separated

Mashed Banannas
(I could not help myself but to sing the HOT POTATO Song from the Wiggles, the entire time that I was making this bread!)

"Mashed Banannas Mashed Banannas"

I let the mini loafs cool, then added
 powdered sugar to the tops
before removing them and wrapping with saran wrap.