Monday, July 25, 2011

Chalkboard Closet

son has been asking me for months now for a chalkboard for his room.

I finally gave in and decided that we would make a small chalkboard on his closet door.His room is only about 10 x 10 and one entire wall is two huge metal closet doors.

When we transitioned from toddler room to kid room, we let him choose the wall color, and decorative accents. The colors are mainly primary with emphasis on blue and red. The theme is transportation.

His walls are Buzz Lightyear Blue and we kept the wainscoting from when his room was a nursery to break up the bright blue color. The closet doors were painted with a coat of white, and believe it or not, as ugly as they are, they actually help add light and brighten up his small space.

This project was my very first experience with CHALKBOARD paint. I didn't want traditional black or green, so we decided on blue, and picked up a small container at JoAnn's. *$6.99
(I forgot my coupon for 40% off non sale items, and the cashier would not let me have the discount without it, Boo!)

I started by having E stand in front of the closet door and had him reach as far as he could. Then I marked the height based on his reach. I used a tape measure and decided on making a 2' square chalkboard.

I measured all 4 sides, used a level, and taped off the square.

Then, using a foam brush, I painted the chalkboard.

I let it dry for an hour, then added a second coat as per the instructions on the container. When dry, I peeled the tape off and decided to give the chalkboard a red border.

I  put tape on the inside of the blue painted square and then I placed a piece of the painters tape against the border of the blue square  and added a square all of the way around the outer edge to make the area for the frame.

I removed the inner pieces of tape, and painted red.

After 24 hours, I rubbed chalk on the entire chalkboard surface, and then used a sock as an eraser to remove.
(as per instructions on the paint)

He loves it!

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  1. Very cute! I've been thinking up a few chalkboard projects. Thanks for visiting Growing Up Gardner!

  2. Very cute. I need to use some chalkboard paint soon. My son loves using chalk. Thanks for linking up!