Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buttermilk Bananna Bread

Thank You Shelley at House of Smiths for this amazing Buttermilk Bananna Bread Recipe.

It in fact, is very good, and so far, 5 out of the six people that I  gave "samples" to are in agreement.
(The sixth person has not yet given me his feedback, Craig!!)

Here is a printable of the recipe, so feel free to make a copy. (Again, thanks Shelley)

Directions, and ingredients are above.

I'll share a couple of my pictures, just to prove that I did actually make these myself!!

Wet and Dry ingredients separated

Mashed Banannas
(I could not help myself but to sing the HOT POTATO Song from the Wiggles, the entire time that I was making this bread!)

"Mashed Banannas Mashed Banannas"

I let the mini loafs cool, then added
 powdered sugar to the tops
before removing them and wrapping with saran wrap.

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  1. YUM! It makes me want more, already! :)
    I'm so glad you liked it!!!
    Thanks for linking up to me :)