Monday, May 16, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Don't you feel like you should be wearing a flared skirt, and spinning in a field of flowers, while singing the infamous song sang by Julie Andrews?? 
You're welcome for the earworm!

I'm soo looking forward to the weekend, yes it's only Monday,and they are calling for severe thunderstorms every day this week, and traffic is sure to be horrendus, but a girl needs something to look forward to right?

There are lots of plans for the weekend..

#1 Saturday and Sunday, The Lucketts Spring Market 
($7pp per day)

Oh.....My!!!! I am so excited for this!!

It's in Leesburg, Virginia, and is basically a Huge Craft show!! But it's a lot of re-salvaged items, cottage style, vintage items, collectables, home decor and furniture!

Here are some pictures, directly from the Lucketts website of some of last year's goodies:


#2 Saturday PREAKNESS 
(Prices Vary)

The infield party should be wild and crazy....this year's sales pitch is: "The people's race- The People's Party", and their mascot is: Kegasus

There are great musicians playing including: Bruno Mars (love him), Train (Hey soul sister) and Phil Vassar.

OH, and a horse race will take place!

I'm past the whole hanging out in a wet and muddy field drinking beer and overpriced wine, with wall to wall people, who by race time are so drunk that they are passing out and throwing up on one another, so instead, I'll be enjoying the race with the company of  friends at one of the neighbors houses at their
annual Preakness Party!

We'll be drinking Black Eyed Susans

And grilling, and singing, and dancing in the streets, all until the wee hours of the morning, or when we decide that we've had enough, and then we just walk home!!

#3) Saturday and Sunday

This is a wonderful experience for all Americans to take part in.(If you are in the Maryland, PA,NJ, DC, or Virginia, area, I suggest that you attend this event at least once in your life! 

It's the Andrews Airforce Base Annual Airshow.

The Golden Knights Paratroopers, Thunderbird Jets, and various other Military Aircraft perform live for crowds of thousands.

You are able to climb inside of F-22 fighter jets, tanks, and Helicopters.

It is a little boy's dream!!!! I've been attending since I was a kid, and honestly, it never gets old.

There is such a sense of American pride!!

I am Really looking forward to the weekend!!



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  1. I'm so jealous that you are going to Lucketts! I wish I lived near there! I think I'd be in vintage-distressed overload!