Wednesday, May 18, 2011

File Find-Design Help Needed

My husband called me at work moments ago, about a "find" that he knew that I just "had to have!"

He was visiting our local Goodwill when he stumbled across this "letter/file thing with lots of drawers"

That was his exact terminology for the item.

So, he sent me a picture.
(where would be be without cell phones, the ability to text/send/receive/messages and photos at any given time?), and I said....I love it!

Then I said, How much is it?

$10 bucks, and it's in excellent shape!

Great, get it, but the question now is...

What am I gonna do with it??

Any ideas??

I will definately paint it...but what color?

Maybe use some card stock on a drawer or two? Or fabric?

I love the pulls,or do I?
Should I keep them, or change them out?

And, in the end, what use will this have?
Should I use it to organize pictures by month?
Or store the Masterpieces of a 7 year old ART-TEES- T?
Or store paid bills?

Wanna see it??

Here ya go...

Measurements are approx.11"W x 23-1/4"H x 16"D

Please share your ideas with me....oh, and any examples that you may find..



  1. Oh my goodness, if you don't know what to do with it hand it over to me :)! This would be so perfect in my craft room! As far as how to spruce it up, you first need to decide how you're going to use it and where and then go from there. If it were mine, I would just spray paint it white and make little fabulous labels to go on each drawer. Fab find!

  2. p.s. If you want more ideas go to google images and google "vintage file cabinet".

  3. I would keep the pulls as is and paint it a color to coordinate with whatever room you decide to use it in. I agree with Beth, this would be great for storage in a craft room.