Monday, June 20, 2011

Farmer's Market

Summer = Farmer's Market

The town that I live in was once a very RURAL area. Farmers and Horse Breeders were the majority of the population. There were a few neighborhoods, including mine, which were built in the 1950's, and then a building explosion occurred in the late 80's and early 90's, and now the once rural county, is a flourishing suburban county.

We still have the incorporated "town," and they have their own town police, like on the Andy Griffith Show, and Main Street, and Town Hall, and I love it!! There is a Christmas parade every year, A huge 4th of July Parade (complete with local Cloggers, Farmers with their John Deere Tractors, Church Groups, Local Schools, bands and dance groups),  Live Street performers (and beer and wine trucks) on the "First Friday" night of the month in the Spring, Friday night movies in the park, little boutique shops, great local restaurants and bars, and the town Bakery, and Candy Store..YUM!!
 I love this place.

But my favorite "Local" advantage of living in a rural turned suburban area in the summer is all of the farmers, 

Every Tuesday, and every Saturday from April to October, I have the pleasure of having the freshest produce, seafood, flowers, Organic breads and sweets, local honey and beeswax candles, local chicken, and beef, fresh eggs and cheese, and sometimes even live music, or local celebrity appearances! It's also a Dog-Friendly Farmers Market, 
and almost EVERYONE except me brings their dogs along!!

This past Saturday, E and I went to the FM and purchased 6 pots of Dahlias, 2 Summer Squash, a loaf of Organic 3 cheese bread, a bottle of honey, and 5 honey sticks for less then $20!!

Here are a few pics from our visit.

 These huge hanging baskets were only $8-$15
 This pot of Dahlias was only $10
 E loved this Great Dane and wanted me to take a picture to show his daddy how big he was!
A couple of the vendors

Can't wait until Saturday, guess where I'll be bright and early!

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