Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beautifying the Front Yard

If dirt, weeds, Ants, worms, bees, random bugs, and thorns aren't your forte, gardening isn't a good hobby.

If you love flowers, and butterflies, and rabbits, and beautiful landscapes, gardens are pretty much a must!

Lucky for me, I have a wonderful husband that likes to garden, while I supervise!!

This weekend, we started the beautifying process of our yards(front and back) for the Summer.

Of course, we would decide to start this process on the two hottest days of the year so far!!

I wanted our driveway garden to be whimisical, and pretty, and am very happy so far with the results.

We still need to get mulch, and plant a few for flowers, but I can't wait to see it in a couple of weeks when the lillies, Black Eyed Susans, and Mums are in bloom!!

Here are the before pictures, it was soo overgrown!!

My parents stopped by to visit, and they got right to work helping out with the shoveling, and weeding.

Notice Scott, E, and my parents are ALL digging, while I'm taking pictures!!
I guess Someone has to be the Supervisor!!!

And the front porch, BEFORE, notice all of the CRAP stuff  sitting there?
Dead plants from last year, my milk jug from Christmas, how embarrassing!

And, these, (The Easter Bunny's footprints) were still bright pink on the porch even though
 Easter was a month ago!!

Here are the Afters so far...

The little green chair, was the one from this post
I painted it green and filled a vintage enamel Vegetable tray with daisies
I love how it looks now!

We power washed the porch, and any sign of the Easter Bunny's visit!
I planted two pots, and a wall planter, and we added a little wooden school chair that was Scott's when he was a kid. (We spray painted it black) And I added an enamel coffee pot with impatients.

It's a we just have to find time to finish the front yard, and move on to the back yard!!

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