Sunday, March 20, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Yay Saturday!! And there were no Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, weddings, sporting events, or appointments. I had absolutely nothing planned for today! Wow! Maybe I should have clean the house...or maybe not!

Sounded like a great day to visit the Goodwill. It's been two weeks since my last visit. and I was Hopeing I didn't miss any treasures!!

My first spotted treasure was this caserole dish with it's lid.

It's not something that I would typically pick up, as I'm not crazy about the off-white color and orange flower combination, but I know that this is called Autumn Leaf. And, I know that the gold that lines the rim of the dish and lid, is real gold. And, I know that it is a highly collectible Antique piece.

I know this because my mother in law spent many many years and many many dollars collecting Autumn leaf.
She would be very proud of my find. (She must have been looking out for me in spirit!)

It is a really great piece, in excellent condition. and, honestly, I think that this was mistakenly put on the regular shelf, as it would have gotton at least $60 in an antique store or if it was inthe auction case.

But, I only paid $6!!

Next, I saw this sewing table. I really liked the lines,and knew that it would/could be a great accent piece, but I didn't buy it, it was marked for $30 and I think that it's too much for Goodwill to charge.

I love globes, and this beauty was sitting on the floor, calling out for me to buy him for $4.50!! It's old, but I don't know how to tell the age of a globe other then by looking to see which countries are missing or called other names.

And, I HAD to buy these kids chairs. They are painted baby blue, but they will be a future project, which will be sanded down and I will custom paint them, and gift them to two very lucky little friends of mine. Not bad for $5 each!

Scott got two vinyl records, for $1 each, and he bought 2 brand new 12 cup muffin
tins for $4 each.

Before we left, I spotted this lamp. (I didn't buy it, but had to take a picture to show my mother) I had this exact lamp in my nursery when I was a baby. The clown should have been holding a bunch of balloons, which were missing but it was identical other then that!! And, it was in great shape.

All in All, it was not a bad day at the Goodwill!!

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