Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Start of the Great Clothing Purge 2011

I have too many clothes.
How do I know?
I know this because tonight I folded/hung three laundry baskets of just MY clothes.
And, I couldn't put two entire baskets of them away, there was no room in my closets, or drawers, or under the bed storage containers, or seasonal clothing racks.

So, I decided to do a mini purge!

I limited myself to 1 hour, and this was my technique:

1) I opened each of the 6 drawers in my bedroom  that have folded shirts, and pulled out any shirts that I know that I haven't worn in at least the last two years. If I didn't like the way that the shirts made me feel, or the color, or the style, or the fit, they went into either the donation pile or the pass along pile. If I was on the edge, they went back in the drawer
 (for the present time.)

2) Then, I went through my "short sleeve" closet, followed by my "long sleeve" and work clothes closet with the same technique.

The work/dress clothes were harder to part with, so I tried things on that I couldn't make a decision on while it was hanging on the hanger. I modeled it for Scott and E and their opinions decided the fate of the item.

I found a dry cleaning bag containing two shirts in the back of one of the closets. Can you see the date on this dry cleaning ticket?? Look close, it says 10/14/2005!!

2005, REALLY??

These two blouses have been in my closet in the dry cleaning bag, untouched for 5-1/2 years!!!

I haven't gone through all of my shoes, pants or skirts,or purses yet, but this was a successful purge.

I managed to part with 27 shirts, 1 sweater, 1 cardigan, 2 skirts, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of flip flops, 1 bra, and a partridge in a pear tree!!

The shoes were just casualties that I found on the bottom of my closet, I haven't even started purging my shoe collection yet ,and the lace bra, although a sexy beauty,that I paid way too much money for, (probably 5 years ago) was soo uncomfortable!

And, I have realized that I need to do this on seasonal basis. This was just a quick purge, but I plan to do a more thorough job very soon!

I could not believe some of the clothes that I found, shirts that I wore prior to having my son, who is now 7, a skirt that I wore to my senior music concert (in 1994), jackets with shoulder pads, REALLY???!!

Now that I have started this, I can't wait to take a "real" look at my wardrobe. I feel like I need Stacy and Clinton from "What not to Wear" to provide some intervention! (If you feel the urge to nominate me, I really do need new clothes! ) JUST SAYIN' joke

Seriously, what are the odds of something from 7 years ago still being stylish today?? And why do I have a container of maternity clothes from 2003 in a container in the basement?? Can you say Hoarder??

Not for long!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Way to inspire! I've got two big bags in my car for Goodwill AS WE SPEAK! :-)

  2. WOW, that was an awesome read!!!! "Jacket with shoulder Pads"....you made me laugh!!!! The dry cleaning bags.....so funny!! I am proud of you!
    This was very inspirational!!!