Monday, March 21, 2011

Bella Bella Bella

There is a store, about thirty minutes from my house that I have been wanting to visit for over six months.
It just has never been convenient, since they are closed when I  get home from work, and the weekends have been crazy with the holidays, and events. So this weekend, was a perfect time to visit.

The store is called Belle Patri, which translates to "Beautiful home" They sell new, antique, refurbished, and consignment furniture and accessories. They also sell home furnishings that were used in model homes and staged condos.

I love this store, and it is one of my new "must visit WEEKLY once a month" places.

They have the most adorable "gift items" for hostesses, and girlfriends, and neighbors, and I loved all of the home decor accessories. I was talking with the ladies that work at Belle Patri, and they said that they are very particular about the consigned pieces that they accept, and that a lot of the large furniture pieces are treasures that the owner has collected, refinished, and finds on her own.

We fell in love with this little desk and chair, and it is now a new fixture in our kitchen!
We paid a fair price, not a Goodwill price, but not an antique price. It was $81 for both pieces.
What do you think?

Here is a sample of some of the current inventory in the prepared to drool!!

Ohh Ahhhh....can't wait to go visit Belle Patri again!

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  1. How beautiful. I'm not one to have too much painted furniture, but I love furniture painted such great colors.