Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coupons are worth Clipping!

Why in the world have I not been using coupons??!!

Go ahead say it, in your best Homer Simpson voice,


I mean, I use the free item coupon with purchase from Bath and Body Works, and I use the 20% off coupons for Macy's, and the 15% off coupons for The Children's Place, and I use the $5 off coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond, but why have I not been using coupons for regular Everyday purchases?

I have found sooo many money saving techniques, and rituals out there in Blog land, and I'm going to share a couple of tips with you...

Target and BJ's

Did you know that Target and BJ's issue their own coupons to be used in their stores?
If you have not joined their mailing lists, get on them!! Both stores mail coupon booklets to customers, but Target also has printable coupons on their website. Some of the Printable Target coupons are Target use only, but some are Manufacturer's coupons that you can use anywhere.

Also, both of these stores accept Store issued coupons
in addition to Manufacturer's coupons for the same item.

For example,

Glade room spray $1.99
In the Sunday paper, there may be a coupon for:
$1.00 off of Glade Room Spray
Target's website may have a  Target coupon for  $.75 off the same item
you can use BOTH coupons, making your cost $.24

For store coupons, many times, there is no size requirement,
so travel size products can be purchased for free.
Last week I printed a coupon from Target for $2.00 off a "Target Brand" cold/headache relief product.
The 24 count Target Brand Ibuprofen was only $ cost ZERO FREE NADA  

And, I had a coupon for $1.50 off of Target brand mouthwash.
The small bottle was $1.49
Yet, another FREE product!!!

 And, did you know that coupons can be used on CLEARANCE items???
Always check the end caps at Target, you can get expensive products for pennies when using coupons.
(Esp. on make up/skin care/hair care items)

I also didn't understand the whole DOUBLE COUPON thing at the local grocery stores.

Grocery stores will double the amount off on a manufacturer's coupon, usually up to a $1.00 discount
For example, this is the policy for the store that I frequent:
Weis coupon policy as per email from Customer Service 12/09.
  • Weis will double 4 like coupons per order.
  • Coupons are doubled up to $.50 (amount doubled may vary from store to store depending on local competition)
  • Coupons that are $.50 to $.99 will be redeemed for $1.00.
  • Coupons over $1.00 are at face value.
  • Internet coupons are accepted.
  • Free Internet coupons are not accepted.
  • Internet Coupons over $5.00 will not be accepted.
Here are a few great sources for coupon offers:


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