Friday, February 25, 2011

Party Prep

Let me start this post by saying how jealous I am of parents with kids who have Summer/Spring/Fall Birthdays!  Winter Birthday parties are tough. It's hard to come up with different place to host the parties without breaking the bank. And it's tough to be the host of  a bunch of kids in your own home. Any other season but winter allows parties to be held outdoors. And there are sooo many options for outdoor parties. I envy you parents!

E turns 7 on Sunday!

We are having his party at an ice Skating Rink.

We are expecting fifteen kids.

I have not been ice skating in at least 15 years. Scott has not been ice skating in at least 15 years.
E has never been ice skating, nor has most of the kids that are attending.

I am scared!

Since the party is at the rink, I don't have to clean my house I don't really have my normal "Party Prep" extravaganza to worry about. And, since the only food that I can bring into the arena is the cake, (I'm sneaking in ice cream, even though the party coordinator told me that they typically don't allow that), I don't really have a bunch to do.

I wanted to keep it simple, (yeah right), and minimial, and not go over the top.

Buuuuttttt, I couldn't help myself with some of the details.

Here's just a glimpse for you: (Sorry for the bad pictures, cell phone pictures, uggh)

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