Monday, February 21, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Cometh

On Thursday, after school E lost his 2nd tooth.

I was soo glad. It was just hanging there for the whole week. It was gross.(Esp. when it moved back and forth when he was talking- you have to stare at it, you can't help yourself- like in the movie Uncle Buck when John Candy goes to see the principal, and she has the big mole on her that movie, gotta watch it soon!)

I didn't know that the tooth came out until I was already home from work. I don't carry cash, I'm one of "those" people who use my bank card for everything. It's a bad thing and a good thing at the same time. (I'm less likely to buy a $2 soda with my bank card then I am to spend $2 dollar bills)

I had no cash to leave under E's pillow. (And the tooth fairy isn't cheap now a days) But, just my luck, he informed me that he couldn't put it under his pillow until Friday night, becasue he had to take his tooth to school and to the nurse.

me-"Why do you have to take your tooth to the nurse, she's not the tooth fairy?" E-"Duh, mom, I know that, but she gives anyone that looses their tooth a tooth necklace, and you get to wear your tooth in the necklace all day at school, and show all of your friends, and I just have to show everybody this bad boy!"

So, I lucked out!

Friday night E goes to bed and I told him that he had to leave his tooth, in the tooth necklace on his desk for the tooth fairy. (He is a very light sleeper, so I didn't want to wake him while leaving the goods!

I left this note for him on his desk.  It reads,

Dear E,
Thank you so much for loosing your 2nd tooth.

This is a very nice tooth.
It looks like you took extra special care of it while it was in your mouth.

I can tell that you brushed it every day.
(Or almost every day)

Keep up the good job, and dont forget to floss!

There is a little gift waiting for you in the kitchen.

See you soon!


                   The Tooth Fairy

I put Fairy dust (clear glitter) on the image of the Fairy, and on the signature.

The tooth fairy left him $5, a matchbox car, (that I got for 25 cents at Target on Clearance- I stocked up with about 10 of those, as he's starting to loose teeth, and they are great package tie on's for Birthday gifts) and a drawing book that I bought at 5 Below for him for Christmas that I hid, forgot where I put it, and found it a week ago!)

I heard him jump out of bed, read the note out loud, then run in to the kitchen. Then he ran into my room, where he explained that he got a personal note from the tooth fairy and lots of loot!!

He's got two more loose teeth, guess I better have the next letters ready and waiting!

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