Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Thrift Store Finds- Goodwill

Every week, E and I make a visit to our local thrift store and/or Goodwill.

It typically wouldn't be that much fun for an almost seven year old to visit the same store every single week, especially one that sells "used" stuff, but we have turned our visit into a "Treasure Hunt" adventure.

We have a set plan of attack when we enter the parking lot. (Makes us feel like professionals!)

1) We drive around to the drop off dock, and we donate at least a grocery bag containing "something" that we no longer need, use, have outgrown, don't play with, or has collected more dust that necessary.

2) After parking and grabbing our reuseable bags out of the trunk (since we don't need any plastic bags since the recycling company won't collect them in our weekly pick up anymore), we head into the store.

3) We always look at the Silent Auction items first. There are so many amazing collectables that people donate to the Goodwill. There are things like Coach purses, Longaberger Baskets, Estate jewelry, Art, China, Silver, old Toys, etc.

4) Then we go through the "New Item" section. Many people don't know this but Goodwill purchases items from chain stores that have been marked down on clearance or discontinued and haven't sold. I have seen items from Target, (with the Orange clearance tags still attached), Michael's, Kmart, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

5) We look at Books and Albums, My hubby loves old Vinyl. He likes them to listen to, and actually prefers the sound of a record player to the ipod. (Um ok)

6) My favorite section is!! You just never know when that perfect piece is waiting for you!

7) The last area that we  hit is the toy/housewear section. E likes to look in the toy section for Star Wars, Hot Wheels, and trains. And, I like to look in the housewear sections for serving wear (for hosting parties). I look for items like large silver platters and serving trays, candlestick holders, chafing dishes, and every once in a while I actually find home decor items.

Here are a few of our Thrift Store finds from the last couple of weeks.

I'll remember for future post to take before and after pictures of the furniture.

Originaly Hunter green ladder back chair with broken straw seat.

Painted it black, added black and white toile fabric to cover the seat, and added a pillow,

Purchase price $8
Paint and fabric scraps $0
Pillow I already owned $0
Not bad huh?

Southern Living at home Carousel Candlestick holders
I had one of these, and love it. I  bought it from a Southern Living Party years ago, I actually still have the catalog add...look how much I paid for it back then:

I got two of them at Goodwill  for $3each  SCORE!!!

And these two items, which match perfectly in E's bedroom... E found these treasures himself, mixed in with the toy section) These are not toys and were originally sold at both retailers as decor items.

Airplane from Pottery Barn Kids. (We paid $5)

Pick Up Truck (Marshall's price sticker is still on the bottom for $19.99, I paid $6)


  1. I just saw this post! That is really good finds.. and so cute. Loved the candles and the old truck.

  2. Good finds! I love the airplane and truck. And I can't believe you found the same candleholders...and at such a good price! I love thrifting!